This is an experimental project of porting encfs to the Windows world.

Here you can find the Gitorious project.

Currently based on

The project is cross compiled with MingW or Visual C++. There is a ReadMe_Windows.txt file with information on how to compile with Visual C++.

I use it mostly with Dropbox.


encfs.zip (md5 e2ea05ac92f195c32a82ab79066ff333). File is quite large as it's a static binary (all libraries are included in the executable). I'm quite sure executable has no virus (I use Linux :) ) but please check md5!


First time
Every use
Using GUI instead of command line You can also use Ronald Moegel batch included.
Some people asked if is possible to change label of drive. This is actually possible using the volname FUSE option, specifying something like encfs <crypt_dir> <plain_dir> -- -o volname=<label>


Limits and TODO


Ronald Moegel for testing and hints.


EncFsPlus Ruszlan (the author) ask me to post the link to its alternate GUI version. I don't know him and I didn't checked the code in any way (currently I even didn't run it) but if you want to try feel free. It's written in AutoHotKey. See the readme.


Somebody request me this button and here you are